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The Wraith

Name: The Wraith
Secret ID/Aliases: J.R.
eBay ID: marvelzombie26
Powers: Drawing, sculpting, painting,

extensive knowledge of comic multiverse,

superhuman intellect, determination,

unscaled imagination

Weakness': unknown

Founder of Variant Customs, the Wraith's vision of a team that could modify action figures keeping true to the comic depictions and ideals of the comic multiverse, he began to form the group with this virtuous mission. Frustrated by commercially minded would be modders, the Wraith joined forces with Greymonk to form a team that would produce quality professional modifications to the serious collector. Having a superhuman love for the comic multiverse and it's subsequent fans, the Wraith decided that it was paramount that fans be offered above board customs worthy of display and the collections of avid readers everywhere. The Wraith has a particular love of Zombies and this is not restricted to the Marvel Zombies universe. The Wraith imposes the following rules when a figure is to be modified: 1) Keep it as close to the comic depiction as possible, 2) create something no one else is making, 3) keep respect for the collectors and fans in mind ALWAYS. This ideal has been all too often left out of other figure modifications making the Wraith a crusader amongst crusaders! His imagination is limitless and his determination allows him to be a quick study when it comes to learning or experimenting with new techniques or methods. No challenge is too great in the figure modification world, and his skill grows exponentially with each new modification he completes. His drive and vision make him an obvious hero to fans and the rest of his team!