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Name: Greymonk
Secret ID/Aliases: Rev. Kenneth Hasty, brother kenneth, the celtic monk
eBay ID: thecelticmonk
Powers: Sculpting, painting, detailling effects, metal & plastic casting,

problem solving, product knowledge, web design

Weakness': Cannot see shades of colors, very limited budget

Being a Celtic Christian Priest and Monk doesn't slow Greymonk down when it comes to his comic reading or his figure mods. He approaches his work with the dedication of an aescetic and when he begins a project, no obstacle will stand in the way of it's completion. Greymonk was recruited by the Wraith to join forces in the Wraith's visionary goal for custom figure modification. Greymonk is new to the comic world but has extensive experience with sculpting and casting and the Wraith has assumed the role of mentor educating Greymonk on the comic multiverse. When told the 3 Golden rules for variant Customs Greymonk agreed wholeheartedly and has made the team mission his mission. In the early days, Greymonk did not grasp the discipline of comic continuity and this can be seen in some of his earlier works, but as the Wraith began to teach him about the comic multiverse and keeping the projects as close as possible to the comic depictions, Greymonk began to reflect this ideal in his work. Being an Avid fighter against evil, and general fan of Good vs. Evil Greymonk was a natural fit for the Variant Customs team! Greymonk's biggest weakness is his inability to see the difference in color shades. "red is red, all shades of it, blue is blue...and so on..." he says when trying to explain his situation. An accident involving an Ultra Violet light caused cone damage in his eyes that prevents distinction between color shades. Greymonk proudly announces he can see the entire greyscale and so Black and White comics are a personal favorite of his. Having a smaller imagination than the Wraith, Greymonk makes up for it with his problem solving ability and extensive knowledge of detail medium. When a technique needs to be invented to make a modification a reality, Greymonk can be counted on to find a solution. Together, the Wraith and Greymonk make a truly dynamic duo in the figure mod world!